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Ministry Projects

Continental Theological Seminary

Dr. Andréa Snavely is a professor of theology and philosophy at Continental Theological Seminary, which is the premier Pentecostal ministry training school in Europe with a rich 60 year tradition in training and educating Pentecostal church planters, pastors, and leaders. CTS is preparing students to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple Christians to have a strong Christian witness in the midst of secular Europe.  Your support of our ministry allows CTS to keep its tuition and room and board at a low enough rate so that students can earn a bachelor's degree in church ministry and Bible and theology without incurring debt that would hinder their future ministries. 

The Breaking Chains Network
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Darla Snavely serves on the ministry team of The Breaking Chains Network, which has been helping women be set free from the bondage of human/sex trafficking since 2007. Each week the ministry team goes into the red-light districts of Belgium to build relationships with the women and invite them to The Oasis Center to have a home-cooked meal, hear a Scripture lesson, and learn language and computer skills to get a job contract necessary to obtain their permanent registrations to stay in the country legally. Several women have found ultimate freedom in the forgiveness and grace of Jesus and are now helping other women find freedom as well.

Builder's International Project for CTS

Builder's International is presently raising funds and forming work teams to assist in the construction of Continental Theological Seminary's new Pentecostal Leadership Center, which will consist of new dorms and dining facilities that will begin construction in January of 2020. Please click on the Europe logo below for the Builder's International website that will direct you on how to either donate funds or to form a construction team from your church.                 

The Purchase of a Permanent Location for
The Oasis Center

The Breaking Chains Network is seeking to purchase a building near the entrance to the most prominent red-light district in Belgium. This will allow for the planting of a permanent church and expanding the ministry to the women who work in the district. Please click on the Breaking Chains Network logo below to find out more information about the ministry and about how you can help this much-needed project.

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